About Me


Music has always been my passion. Since I was young I have love been involved with music whether it was learning to play an instrument or playing in bands.  My initial curiosity towards audio began at the age of 17 when I tried to record the band I played in, on an eight track Tascam recorder. When mix time came, my mixes were awful, they were not even close to the music I was accustom to listen on the radio. My disability to mix a song made my interest for audio increase. I wanted to know how it was done in the big leagues, how to record and mix a professional sounding record. I attended The New England Institute of Art in a quest to find the answer for the grand question, how are those songs on the radio recorded and mixed? While I was there not only did I get to experience the studio world but I also discovered there was other things than just recording music. I had the opportunity to adventure in to the live sound realm. I have been involved in many grate spectacles which have included mixing FOH in the Latin Festival in Nashua NH for two consecutive years and to tour all over New England and New York with bands as the live sound guy. Working both in a studio and in live sound I’ ve discovered that there is nothing in the world I would rather do. Since little I have been in love with music, now my audio experience and knowledge have created me into an artist with the desire to pass that sentiment to others through my work.